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ATVs for Kids


ATVs The Whole Family Can Enjoy

If you have a young child in your family, a 50cc ATV (or lower CC Rating) are the most appropriate because of their size and low speeds. Now days, most have governors (speed limiters) and safety keys that will turn off the ATV is the rider gets off of it. These off-road vehicles are more the perfect for the little one that will still get them safely over the little hills and off road terrains.


Kids Atvs are now a household name with the growth and popularity of the sport. Long gone are the days of the ATV 3 wheeled adult vehicle that spurred the market to what it is today. It seems everywhere you turn there is an ATV on a trailer or back of a pickup truck. In fact, several TV commercials advertising trucks seem to have ATVs in the beds.
Introduction of the kid atv. Everyone wants to be like dad so why not a kid atv? The kid atvs seem to cater to all walks of like and economic class. Now you can get into an affordably priced ATV instead of spending $2000.00 on a Honda kid atv that your kid will out grow in 2 years. The Chinese kids ATV have really opened up doors for people who once could not get into an ATv due to price. (read more - full article)

ATV Riding – Fun For the Entire Family

Most of us have seen the television commercial where the grandfather sitting on the front porch explains to his grandchildren that he was a wild-at-heart, motorcycle rider on a popularly-branded bike. Only after inspiring their intent focus to listen to his further ruminations, he confesses that it was only a dream of his and that he actually spent the money intended for the motorcycle on re-siding the house, instead.
I have often laughed at the commercial, thinking that someday I would have to explain a similar story to my grandchildren. Many times, the temptation of purchasing a motorcycle has challenged my frugal and sensible judgment. Having a younger family, the opportunity to spend money on more practical things has exceeded those where I would be the only beneficiary.

After constant battling with my selfish urges, the idea of ATV riding as a family activity finally struck me. Growing up on a Honda 110cc 3-wheeler, which had no suspension whatsoever, I was aware of the many hours of enjoyment that can be had traversing the wide-open spaces. My only reservation was that I knew what type of antics that my brother and I had performed in our youthful years, while riding the untamed beast. As a wary parent, I wondered if I would be able to stomach the thought of allowing my children the same opportunity. (read more - full article)


Let the Kids Ride Their ATVs and Have Fun

One of the things about allowing our kids to ride ATV is our concern and worry about their safety. I remember the first time my kids told me that they wanted to have their own ATVs so that they can be as COOL as their dad...albeit, ahem, me! You see, theres this thing about feeling ever so proud of myself that my kids think of me as a cool dad, but theres the other side of me that couldnt stop worrying about how things can happen on an ATV. Were talking about my kids here...not neighbors kid, not aunts kids, not best friends kid. MY KIDS! And I have every right to get paranoid about all those things that could happen to them...stuff that happened to me like broken limbs, bruises and scratches in unimaginable places.
But this is part and parcel of life, I believe. If the kids want to have a little adventure and fun ATVs, then, my take is to let them enjoy life and have a little fun. Kids are adventurous people and they thrive and learn through experience. What are a couple of bumps and bruises when they can learn how to handle and maneuver a whole ATV just like daddy! Imagine their joy, the exhilaration, the screaming and the kind of fun they can have on their ATVs. (read more - full article)

Let Your Kids Join In The Fun Of ATV Riding

-Note - this is another article similar to the one above but its by a different author and editor.
ATV riding is fun. Well, not exactly fun, but exhilarating! For ATV riders, there are almost no words to describe the emotions that they go through when they get behind those wheels and ride them through the woods or trails and maneuver their machines to the right and to the left, going uphill and downhill and in some cases, doing jump tricks on their ATVs! It’s like you get this sudden rush of excitement when you are riding your ATV.
If you have kids and you yourself are an ATV enthusiast, you should really get your kids their own ATVs too. One good reason for you to get kids ATV for your children is that they will never have a reason to sneak out and take a ride on your ATV (which could be a dangerous thing to do) without your knowledge. Being an ATV enthusiast, you should know very well that a kid should never be allowed to ride on an adult’s ATV. If the price of kids ATVs is a major setback for you to get your kids their very own ATVs, it shouldn’t be anymore – because in recent years, the prices of kids ATVs have become very reasonable – (read more - full article)


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